Angel Wings Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

If you have ever sent a cat to Angel Wings Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in Kingston, TN or if you have supported this organization with donations, you should be aware of questions being raised about this facility.

There are grave concerns among the local rescue community about the operation and practices at this facility. If you have surrendered any animal to this no-kill rescue, you should inquire about the whereabouts and well being of this animal. If you have made monetary or in-kind donations and have concerns, please inquire of the use of this donation.

Lost & Found

Post a picture of the animal you placed at Angel Wings, or look at photos of the animals that have been removed from the facility. If you have adopted or purchased an animal from Angel Wings please take a look at the photos.

Learn More

For more information about this situation, please email Email

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the bed, board and veterinary care for the rescued animals may send donations to the Angel Wings Animal Care Fund c/o Peaceful Kingdom, P.O. Box 16230, Knoxville, TN 37996. Peaceful Kingdom is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation.

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