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Angel Wings


Roane Newspapers

The founder of a local cat sanctuary now faces 187 counts of animal cruelty. Rehnee Harvey, founder of Angel Wings Cat Rescue and Sanctuary South of the River, was first indicted on 37 charges of animal cruelty by the Roane County grand jury in June. On June 30, Roane County Animal Control officers — assisted by Knox County nonprofit animal welfare organizations, Knox County veterinarians and the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine — found 168 animals on properties owned by Rehnee Harvey and her husband Terry Harvey. Nineteen of those animals were found dead. Animal control rescued 140 animals. This month the grand jury levied additional charges against Harvey for the situation observed during the rescue efforts. Rehnee Harvey’s husband, Terry Harvey, has been added as a defendant on all previous and new charges of animal cruelty, said District Attorney General Scott McCluen. The Harveys turned themselves in to the Roane County Sheriff’s Office Wednesday, Oct. 19, said Capt. Fay Hall. McCluen said the Harveys face a possible sentence of up to 11 months, 29 days confinement and a maximum $2,500 fine on each count of the indictment. The couple are scheduled for trial in Roane County criminal court on Aug. 10, 2006. In the meantime, the Harveys can neither solicit funds on behalf of Angel Wings or have any animals other than those recognized as personal pets in June. McCluen has been investigating Angel Wings since former board members came to him with pictures and personal anecdotes about the mistreatment of animals. The State alleges animals in Angel Wings custody were suffering from the lack of necessary food, water, shelter and appropriate veterinary care and were in immediate risk of dying due to these conditions. When the district attorney began investigating Rehnee Harvey, she was concerned about the impact the case would have on her plans to start a low-cost spay and neuter clinic. She said she intended to turn a trailer into a shelter for the cats and turn the cat house into a clinic. Plans for a spay and neuter clinic in the county are underway, without Harvey’s involvement. George Matsinger with the Roane County Human Society said the group has donated a trailer — originally provided by Bechtal Jacobs — to Planned Pethood for the clinic. Both groups are working together to complete the project, he said. Barbara Grunwell with Planned Pethood said the trailer has been set up on Hwy. 61 between Harriman and Oliver Springs, but she can’t pinpoint an opening date yet. “We’re progressing nicely,” Grunwell said. The group has received donations of driveway materials and cages. The clinic still needs veterinary services, medical equipment and some work inside the trailer, Grunwell said.

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