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Lost and Found

Here we have posted pictures of animals who were Lost after being given over to the care of this facility, and animals who were Found after they were removed from the facility.


The owners of these animals are looking for information about their whereabouts and condition

If you would like to submit a photo of an animal you placed with Angel Wings along with a short physical description (sex, age, size), distinguishing characteristics, and any dates available please email Email

BlueBoy Male 21 pounds. Surrendered April 2004 with Lucy Female 5 years old This is a PIC of my big fat cat (21 pounds) named Blue Boy. He is a DSH, blueish-gray, neutered, declawed, male. He has a white spot between his back legs on his underbelly. I took him to Angel Wings summer of 2004, along with his best friend (not shown in picture), Lucy, a female Tortie, approx. 5 years old. I turned in a PIC of Lucy when I left her and Blue Boy at the AW drop-off point at Petsmart in Kingston, TN. The AW founder told me that she personally had adopted both Blue boy and Lucy and was keeping them in her own house. Please, if you know where Blue Boy or Lucy are, please call me collect: 334-808-1085, Donna Headley, Troy, Alabama

Ginger Female (spayed). FeLV+, tailess, orange tabby, Surrendered January 2004

Olivia Female. Date of birth: May 2003, FIV+, Surrendered September 2003

Spunky Male (neutered). Date of birth: 2001, DSH Brown tabby with white, Surrendered October 2001

Katie Female. Surrendered January 2004

Chaim Male. FIV+

Rio Large black neutered male. Solid black, no white, even on whiskers. Front paw declaw. Distinguishing mole on left lip, not covered with hair. Surrendered May 2004

Misty tuxedo long haired spayed female, front paw declaw. White whiskers. Surrendered May 2004

Lila Female 9 years old diabetic Surrendered May 2003

Gramps Gramps was a male neutered Himmy, collapsed ears, slate blue eyes and would be called a seal point himmy. Over the age of seven.

Ashes she had her eye surgically removed at the time of surrender. Approx. 5-6 years, all 4 declawed and spayed.

Samba 10-11 years old, all 4 declawed and spayed. She has 6 toes on her front feet.





Josie & Sadie
Josie & Sadie

Paws He is fixed and also front paws are declawed. He would now be 9 years old. Went to AW 2003

Quicksilver Quicksilver/Big Grey, 8 -10 yrs old, Grey/white tuxedo, Male, tipped left ear (shy toward people but NOT feral), Surrendered April 2003

Denny Denny Silver Tabby 13 years old, neutered, front paws declawed, bull legged in front, surrendered June, 2003

Shamus FeLV+ has a raspy almost growling meow but is sweet and loves to give love nibbles, he gets playful when being rubbed, neutered, not declawed, approximately 3-5 years old at time of arrival at AW

Marvin FIV+ very loving and friendly, loves attention, will eat you out of house and home, neutered, not declawed, approximately 3-5 years old at time of arrival at AW

Susie Ear tipped, Approx 4, Surrendered August 2003

Libby Ear tipped, Approx 4, Surrendered August 2003

Little Spot
Little Spot Diabetic, approx 5

Lexi 4-yr old black and white tuxedo female cat, declawed on all 4 feet surrendered May 2005

Ebony 2003

Sophie 2003

Prissy declawed 2003

Jag 2003

Alison surrendered 2004

Bob neutered male, about 3 years old, sweet, FeLV+, torn ear, surrendered spring 2000

Sally Jane
Sally Jane She was born 2-18-03, black/white Great Dane. Given summer 2004. Rumored to have been sold.

Gracie She is timid and really scared of strangers and of other large dogs. She got along great with her mother and other danes.

Samantha Seal/chocolate point Himalayan. She was born in 2000. She had a litter of kittens with her at the time. Given 2002.

Black maine coon female. Given 2002

Feral Yellow Siblings
Two yellow mature cats – one male, one female. The male didn’t have any top teeth. They were siblings and found in the wild – both feral and not used to people. Surrendered to Cats Unlimited in Lexington, VA in spring 2004.

Lil Bit
Lil Bit Female spayed calico approximately 15 years of age Surrendered June/July 2002

Ranger 5 year old male (teasingly called the Gateway cat, because he looked like the Gateway computer box, white with black blotches and a black mask over his eyes) Surrendered June/July 2002

Shadow Birman mix, an altered male. Approx 8-9 years old. Had vet records and rabies tags from Chilhowee Veterinary Clinic

Bitty silver tabby/Bengal mix, an altered female. Approx 8-9 years old. Had vet records and rabies tags from Chilhowee Veterinary Clinic

Lacy female FeLV+, approx 2 or 3, very muscular tabby, very stunning eyes

Scooter large FeLK+ neutered male, approx 4. Large very round face. Fur medium-short but very thick with brown and black tabby-striped spots on a white background. A little funny looking because he has short legs and a full Tom-cat sized body. Very cuddly and loving. His eyes were always goopy due to a recurrent upper respiratory tract infection that did not respond well to antibiotics. Surrendered Dec 15, 2003.

Sylvester neutered black and white long-haired tuxedo with one ear damaged from frostbite. Surrendered July 8, 2001

Ambrosia approx 2-3, red mackerel tabby, domestic shorthair, spayed, introverted, female feral Surrendered Nov 4, 2002 from a Knoxville veterinary hospital

Halloween approx 2-3, blue, domestic longhair, aggressive, female feral Surrendered Nov 4, 2002 from a Knoxville veterinary hospital

Harmony approx 2-3, Feline Leukemia positive, tortoiseshell, domestic shorthair, female stray Surrendered Nov 4, 2002 from a Knoxville veterinary hospital

Pitterpatn approx 1-2, Feline Leukemia positive, gray macherel tabby, domestic shorthair, neutered, male stray Surrendered Nov 4, 2002 from a Knoxville veterinary hospital

Siamese kitten from Pets Mart Feb 2005

Jack A small gray male tabby with white paws & chest. Surrendered Oct 19, 2002.

Todd aka Big Head Todd, very tom-cat Surrendered 2002

Tortie long haired tortoiseshell, young adult, female, spayed, FeLV positive Surrendered spring/early summer 2001

Orange Orange Orange
Frosty, Bibi, Sweetie Frosty the mom and her two kittens

Harry maine coon, front declawed and approx 5 or 6 years old Surrendered January 2003

Sylvester BlackKat Approx 4+ years old, unaltered male FIV+. Surrendered Feb 04


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